BMW X6 (E71; 2009-2014) fuses and relays



In this article, we consider the first-generation BMW X6 (E71/E72), produced from 2008 to 2014. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of BMW X6 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

Fuse Layout BMW X6 2009-2014

Fuse box in the Instrument panel

Fuse Box Location

It is located under the glove compartment.Location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: BMW X6 (2008-2014)


Access to fuses in the passenger compartment: BMW X6 (2008-2014)

  1. Unscrew a few screws (arrow 1) from the bottom;
  2. Remove the cover, disconnect bulb assembly;
  3. Unscrew the green screw;
  4. Pull the panel down.

Fuse Box Diagram

Interior fuse box diagram: BMW X6 (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Assignment of the fuses in the Instrument panel
AmpsProtected Component
120ASteering Column Adjustment Motor, Heating/Air Conditioning System
210AGlove Compartment Unlock Drive Unit, Glove Compartment Light (2009-2014)
37.5ASiren and Tilt Alarm Sensor
410Aexcept N55: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Module
N55: Integrated Supply Module
ActiveHybrid: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Module
510ARoof Function Control Centre
610AiDrive Controller, DVD-Changer, CD Changer, Video Selector Switch
75AActive Cruise Control, Longitudinal Dynamics Management, Tyre Pressure Control (RDC)
87.5AVertical Dynamics Management (Front Left/Right Damper Satellite)
915AHorn Relay (Left/Right Horn)
105AParking Brake, Car Access System
1120AIndependent Auxiliary Heater
1210ASteering Column Switch Center
1315ATransmission Control
1410ADynamic Drive
1510AGear Selector Switch
1610ADriver's Door Switch Block, Driver's Side Outside Mirror, Passenger's Side Outside Mirror
175ACentral Information Display, Heating/Air Conditioning System (without Electrical Steering Column Adjustment), Active Video Switch (Japan)
187.5AHead-Up Display, E-Box Fan, Fuel Tank Vent Valve (2008-2011), Tank Vent Shutoff Valve (2011-2014)
195ADynamic Stability Control (DSC), Roof Function Control Centre (without Sunroof)
2010AIntegrated Chassis Management (ICM), Servotronic (without ICM)
2130ARear Window Defogger
225ALeft Headlight
2340AFootwell Module
2440AActive Steering
255ARight Headlight
2625A30AHeadlight Washer Pump
2715A/20ACentral Locking System
2815ACentral Locking System
2940ARear Driver's Side Power Window Motor
3030ACentral Locking System
3140ARear Passenger's Side Power Window Motor
3240AAir Suspension Compressor
3330AFootwell Module
3430AFootwell Module
3530AN63, S63, ActiveHybrid: Oxygen Sensors
3630AN63, ActiveHybrid: VANOS Solenoid Valve №2 - intake, VANOS Solenoid Valve №2 - exhaust, Crankshaft Sensor, Blow-Off Valve, клапан рециркуляции №2, Air Mass Flow Sensor (№1, №2)
3830AN57: SCR Load Relay
3940ACar Access System
4030ADynamic Stability Control (DSC)
417.5AN63, S63, ActiveHybrid: Coolant Pump for Charge Air Cooler №2, Radiator Shutter Drive Unit
N54: Hot-Film Air Mass Meter, Radiator Shutter Drive Unit
4230AN63, S63, ActiveHybrid: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Module, Coolant Pump for Intercooler, Volume Control Valve, Wastegate Valve Pressure Converter (№1, №2)
N54: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Module, Fuel Tank Vent Valve, Crankshaft Sensor, Volume Control Valve, Oxygen Sensors (before Catalytic Converter)
4330AN63, S63, ActiveHybrid: Intake Camshaft Sensor (№1, №2), Exhaust Camshaft Sensor (№1, №2), Oil Condition Sensor, Fuel Tank Vent Valve, Characteristic Map Thermostat, Coolant Pump for Intercooler
N54: Oxygen Sensors (after Catalytic Converter), Oil Condition Sensor
4430AFront Wiper Motor
4560AElectric Fan Cut-Out Relay (Electric Fan)
4640ADynamic Stability Control (DSC)
4740AN57, M57US: Fuel Heater
4840ABlower Output Stage


Also here are the relays: heating rear window, wipers, air suspension.


Fuse box in the luggage compartment

Fuse Box Location

It is located on the right side, behind the panel.Location of the fuses in the trunk: BMW X6 (2008-2014)

Fuse Box Diagram

Trunk fuse box diagram: BMW X6 (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Assignment of the fuses in the luggage compartment
AmpsProtected Component
9130ARear Right Electric Auxiliary Heater
9225A/30ATransfer Box Control Unit
9330ARear Axle Transverse Torque Distribution (QMVH)
9430AParking Brake Control Unit
9530ARear Left Electric Auxiliary Heater
9640AFootwell Module
9720A2008: Fuel Pump Relay (without Electronically Controlled Fuel Pump), Fuel Pump Control (EKPS) (with Electronically Controlled Fuel Pump)
9815ARear Compartment Blower Motor
9940A2008: Boot Lid Lift
10020ARear Left Seat Heating Module, Terminal 15 Power-Saving Relay (without Rear Compartment Air Conditioning)
10130ADriver's Seat Module, Driver's Seat Adjustment Switch, Driver's Lumbar Support Switch
10230APassenger's Seat Module, Passenger's Seat Adjustment Switch, Passenger's Lumbar Support Switch
10330A/40AAudio Amplifier
10425AElectrically Operated Towing Hitch
10520A2009-2014: Fuel Pump Relay (without Electronically Controlled Fuel Pump), Fuel Pump Control (EKPS) (with Electronically Controlled Fuel Pump)
1067.5AVertical Dynamics Management (Rear Left/Right Damper Satellite)
10710AElectronic Ride Height Control, Rear Compartment Display (2008-2012), Tyre Pressure Control - RDC (2012-2014)
1085AReversing Camera, Rear Seat Entertainment, Headset Socket, Headset Connection Module
10910A2008-2012: Satellite Receiver (2008-2011), Digital Tuner (USA) (2008-2009), Tyre Pressure Control - RDC (2010-2014)
10915A2012-2014: Active Sound Design (ASD)
1107.5A/5ALuggage Compartment Light, Noise Suppressor Filter, Interface Box High (ULF-SBX-H), Telematics (TCU), Interface Box (ULF-SBX), Telephone Eject Box, USB Hub
11120AFront Cigar Lighter, Rear Centre Console Charging Socket
1125ADriver's Seat Heating Module, Passenger's Seat Heating Module, Terminal 15 Power-Saving Relay, Rear Left Seat Heating Module, Rear Right Seat Heating Module
11320ALuggage Compartment Charging Socket, Centre Console 12V Socket
1145ARoof Function Control Centre, Park Distance Control (PDC), All-Round Vision Camera, Camera-Based Driver Support Systems
11520ARear Cigar Lighter, Rear Socket Outlet
11620ATrailer Socket
11720ARoof Function Control Centre (Sunroof)
1195A/10AVideo Module
1205AVertical Dynamics Management
1215ABoot Lid Lift
1225ADiagnostic Module for Fuel Tank Leakage
1235ARear Axle Transverse Torque Distribution (QMVH)
1245AJunction Box Electronics (JBE)
1255ATransfer Box Control Unit
1265ARear Compartment Air Conditioning Control Unit
1275AElectric Fan Cut-Out Relay
1285AExhaust Flap
1295AParking Brake Control Unit, Aerial Diversity
13015AS63, N63, ActiveHybrid: Coolant Pump for Charge Air Cooler № 2, Coolant Pump for Intercooler
N57: Coolant Pump for Charge Air Cooler
1315A2008-2009: Instrument Cluster, Diagnostic Connector OBD II
2009-2012: Active Sound Design (ASD)
1327.5AAudio Amplifier Active Sound Design - ASD (2009-2014), Comfort Access Control Unit, Passenger's Side Outer Door Handle Electronic Module, Rear Left Electronic Outer Door Handle Module, Rear Right Electronic Outer Door Handle Module
1335AActiveHybrid: Interface Box
1345ASteering Column Switch Center, Diagnostic Connector OBD II, Instrument Cluster
13520ABoot Lid/Tailgate Automatic Soft-Close Drive
1365ATelematics (TCU), Telephone Eject Box
Combox Media
1375ANavigation System
13810AElectrically Operated Towing Hitch
13920ARear Right Seat Heating Module
14020ADriver's Seat Heating Module
14120APassenger's Seat Heating Module
14220A2008-2009: CCC/M-ASK or CHAMP
2009-2014: Car Information Computer (CIC)
14320A/25ATrailer Module
14420A/25ATrailer Module
14510ADriver's Door Automatic Soft-Close Drive
14610APassenger's Door Automatic Soft-Close Drive
14710ARear Left Automatic Soft-Close Drive
14810ARear Right Automatic Soft-Close Drive
1497.5ADriver's Seat Adjustment Switch
1507.5APassenger's Seat Adjustment Switch