Chevrolet Orlando (J309; 2011-2018) fuses and relays

Fuse box diagram (location and assignment of electrical fuses and relays) for Chevrolet Orlando (J309; 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

Fuse box diagram: Chevrolet Orlando (J309; 2011-2018)

Cigar lighter / power outlet fuses in the Chevrolet Orlando are the fuses №6 (Cigar Lighter), №7 (Power Outlet) and №26 (Auxiliary Power Outlet) in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Instrument Panel Fuse Box

The fuse box is located in the instrument panel (on the left side), behind the cover (behind glovebox in RHD)

Left-hand drive vehiclesThe location of the fuses in the passenger compartment (LHD): Chevrolet Orlando

Right-hand drive vehiclesThe location of the fuses in the passenger compartment (RHD): Chevrolet Orlando

Fuse box diagram

Instrument panel fuse box diagram: Chevrolet Orlando

Assignment of the fuses and relay in the Instrument Panel Fuse Box
1Mobile Telephone Control Module10
2DC/DC Converter-
3Body Control Module25
5Parking Assist Control Module, Power Sounder, Multifunction Switch - Centre Console, Display7.5
6Cigar Lighter20
7Power Outlet20
8Body Control Module30
9Body Control Module30
10Body Control Module30
11Blower Motor Control Module40
12Not Used-
13Heated Seat Control Module25
14Data Link Connector, Oil Feeding Connector7.5
15Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module10
16Rear Compartment Lid Release Relay10
17HVAC Control Module / HVAC Control Assembly15
19Battery Sensor-
20Not Used-
21Instrument Cluster15
22Ignition Switch2
23Body Control Module20
24Body Control Module20
25Not Used-
26Auxiliary Power Outlet20
Non-serviceable relays (Printed Circuit Board (PCB)):
1Tailgate Release Relay
2Logistic Mode Relay 1
3Auxiliary Power Relay

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse box is located in the engine compartment, under the coverThe location of the fuses in the engine compartment: Chevrolet Orlando (J309; 2011-2018)

Fuse box diagram

Under-hood fuse box diagram: Chevrolet Orlando

Assignment of the fuses and relay in the Engine Compartment Fuse Box
1Transmission Control Module15
2Engine Control Module15
3Not Used-
5Transmission Control Module, Engine Control Module, Mass Air Flow/Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Output Speed Sensor15
6Windshield Wiper Relays30
7Not Used-
8Fuel injectors15
9Ignition Coil, Fuel Injectors15
10Engine Control Module, Output Speed Sensor15
11Heated Oxygen Sensors10
12Starter Motor30
13Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Canister Vent Solenoid Valve7.5
14Not Used-
15Rear Wiper
16Air Quality Sensor7.5
17Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module5
18Fuel Pump Control Module10
19Not Used-
20Fuel Pump Relay20
21Windows Motors, Front Door30
22Not Used-
23Not Used-
24Windows Motors, Front Door30
25Electronic Vacuum Pump
26Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM)40
27Remote Control Door Lock Receiver30
28Rear Demister Grid40
29Not Used-
30Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM)15
31Body Control Module20
32Body Control Module20
33Heated Seat Control Module30
34Sunroof Control Module25
35Audio Amplifier30
36Not Used-
37Headlamp - Right Main beam10
38Headlamp - Left Main beam10
39Not Used-
40Not Used-
41Not Used-
42Cooling Fan Relays, Cooling Fan Motor20/30
43Not Used-
44Not Used-
45Cooling Fan High Speed Relay, Cooling Fan Motor30/40
46Cooling Fan Relays10
47Heated Oxygen Sensors, Throttle Body10
48Fog Lights, Front15
49Not Used-
50Not Used-
52Instrument Cluster5
53Inside Rearview Mirror10
54Headlamp Switch, Electrical Auxiliary Heater, HVAC Control Module5
55Window Switches, Front, Mirror Switch7.5
56Windscreen Washer Pump15
57Steering Column Lock Control Module15
58Not Used-
59Fuel Heater30
60Outside Rearview Mirrors7.5
61Mirror Defogger
62A/C Compressor Clutch Relay, A/C Compressor Clutch10
63Rear Window Sensor
64Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module5
65Rear Fog Lamp
66Rear Washer
67Fuel Pump Control Module20
68Not Used-
69Body Control Module5
70Rain Sensor5
71Not Used-
1A/C Compressor Clutch
3Cooling Fan
4Windshield Wiper Speed Control
5Windshield Wiper
6Not Used
8Fuel Pump
9Cooling Fan Medium Speed 1
10Cooling Fan Medium Speed 2
11Not Used
12Cooling Fan Speed Control (Or in Relay Block - Under-bonnet)
13Cooling Fan High Speed Relay
14Not Used
15Ignition Main Relay
16Fuel Heater Relay
17Rear Window Defogger
Non-serviceable relays (Printed Circuit Board (PCB):
-Horn Relay
-Windscreen Washer Pump Relay
-Front Fog Lamp Relay
-Headlamp High Beam Relay

Engine Pre-Fuse Box

It is located on the battery terminalEngine Pre-Fuse Box: Chevrolet Orlando

Engine Pre-Fuse Box: Chevrolet Orlando

Engine Pre-Fuse Box
1Fuse Block - Instrument Panel100
2Fuse Block - Instrument Panel100
3Electrical Power Steering (EPS) (NJ1)80
4Not Used-
5Fuse Block - Battery Auxiliary250
6Starter Motor250/500


5Glow Plug Control Module80
6Electrical Auxiliary Heater100
7Not Used-
8Not Used-


Relays: Chevrolet Orlando

1Cooling Fan Left Medium Speed Relay
2Cooling Fan Speed Control 2 Relay
3Cooling Fan Right Medium Speed Relay
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