Dodge Durango (2020-2024) fuses



In this article, we consider the facelifted third-generation Dodge Durango, available from 2020 to the present. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Dodge Durango 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout).

Fuse Layout Dodge Durango 2020-2024

Dodge Durango (2020-2024)

Fuse Box Location

The Power Distribution Center is located in the engine compartment near the battery jump start posts.Location of the fuses in the engine compartment: Dodge Durango (2020-2024)

This center contains cartridge fuses, micro fuses, relays, and circuit breakers. A description of each fuse and component may be stamped on the inside cover, otherwise the cavity number of each fuse is stamped on the inside cover

Fuse Box Diagram


Under-hood fuse box diagram: Dodge Durango (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)

Assignment of the fuses in the Power Distribution Center
Cartridge FuseMicro FuseDescription
F0360A Yellow-Radiator Fan
F0460A Yellow-2021-2024: ESC Pump (NON-SRT)
F0540A Green-Air Suspension Compressor
F0640A Green-ABS Pump (SRT)
F0730A Pink-Starter Solenoid
F0930A Pink-Diesel Fuel Heater (Diesel Engine Only) / Brake Vacuum Pump
F1040A Green-Body Controller (CBC) #2 / Exterior Lighting
F1130A Pink-Trailer Tow Electric Brake
F1240A Green-Body Controller (CBC) #3 / Power Locks
F1340A Green-Blower Motor Front
F1440A Green-Body Controller (CBC) #4 / Exterior Light
F1540A Green-Low Temperature Radiator (LTR) Engine Cooling Pump*
F1730A Pink-Headlamp Washers
F1920A Blue-Headrest Solenoid
F2030A Pink-Passenger Door Module
F2220A Blue-2020: Engine Control Module
2021-2024: Engine Control Module / Power Control Module
F2330A Pink-Body Controller (CBC) #1 / lnterior Light
F2430A Pink-Driver Door Module
F2530A Pink-Front Wipers
F2630A Pink-ESP/ECU Valves
F2820A Blue-Trailer Tow Backup Lights
F2920A Blue-Trailer Tow Parking Lights
F3030A Pink-2020-2021: Trailer Tow (Receptacle) / Trailer Tow (Separate E-Brake) / Trailer Tow (BUX)
2022-2024: Trlr Tow Pwr
F3230A Pink-Drive Train Control Module
F3430A Pink-Slip Differential Control (ELSD)
F3530A Pink-Sunroof
F3630A Pink-2020: Rear Defroster/ Electronic BackLight (EBL)
2021-2024: Electronic BackLight (EBL)
F3725A Clear-HVAC Rear Blower Motor
F3830A Pink-Power Inverter 115 Volt AC
F3930A Pink-Power Liftgate
F40-10A RedDaytime Running Lights / Headlamp Leveling
F42-20A YellowHorn
F44-10A RedDiagnostic Port
F45-5A TanCyber Security MOD
F49-10A RedIntegrated Central Stack / Climate Control
F50-20A YellowAir Suspension Control Module / Slip Differential (ELSD)
F51-15A BlueKIN / RF HUB / Steering Column Lock (ESCL)
F53-20A YellowTrailer Tow - Left Turn / Stop Lights
F56-15A BluePCM
F57-20A YellowNOX Sensor / PM Sensor / Fuel HTR
F58-15A BlueHID Headlamps LH
F59-10A RedSCR Pumps Relay
F60-15A BlueTransmission Control Module (TCM)
F61-10A Red2020: Transmission Control Module/PM Sensor (Diesel Engine Only)
2021-2024: PM Sensor
F62-10A RedAir Conditioning Clutch
F63-20A Yellow2020-2021: Ignition Coils / Ignition Coil Capacitors / Short Runner Valve Actuator - If Equipped (Gas); Urea Heater (Diesel)
2022-2024: Ignition Coils / Ignition Coil Capacitors
F64-25A ClearFuel Injectors / Powertrain (PCM/ECM)
F66-10A RedSunroof / Rain Sensor (LRSM) / Inside Rear View Mirror (RVM) / USB Port / DSCR / DTV / WCP
F67-15A BlueCDM / UCI Port / USB Port
F68-20A YellowRear Wiper Motor
F69-15A BlueSpotlight Feed
F70-20A YellowFuel Pump Motor
F71-30A GreenAmplifier / ANCM
F72-10A RedECM/PCM
F73-15A BlueHID Headlamp RH
F75-10A RedDual Battery Control
F76-10A Red2020: Anti-lock Brakes / Electronic Stability Control
2021-2024: ESP
F77-10A Red2020: Drivetrain Control Module / Front Axle Disconnect Module
2021-2024: Drivetrain Control Module / ELSD
F78-10A RedEngine Control Module (ECM) / Electric Power Steering (EPS) / PCM
F80-10A Red2020-2022: Universal Garage Door Opener (UGDO) / Anti-Intrusion Module / Siren
2023-2024: Universal Garage Door Opener (UGDO)
F81-20A YellowTrailer Tow Right Turn/Stop Lights
F82-10A RedSteering Column Control Module (SCCM) / Cruise Control / DTV
F83-10A RedFuel Door
F84-15A BlueInstrument Cluster
F85-10A RedAirbag Module (ORC)
F86-10A RedAirbag Module (ORC)
F87-10A RedAir Suspension MOD
F88-15A BlueInstrument Panel Cluster / SGW / ITBM
F91-20A Yellow2020: Power Outlet (Rear Seats) Selectable
2021-2024: Power Outlet Cargo Area
F92-10A Red2020: Rear Console Lamp
2021-2024: Rear Console Lamp / RR Power Outlet
F93-20A YellowCigar Lighter
F94-10A RedShifter / Transfer Case Module
F95-10A RedRear Camera / Blind Spot Sensor
F96-10A Red2020: Rear Seat Heater Switch / Flashlamp Charger
2021-2024: Rear Seat Heater Switch
F97-20A YellowRear Heated Seats / Heated Steering Wheel
F98-20A YellowVentilated Seats / Front Heated Seats
F99-10A RedClimate Control / Driver Assistance Systems Module / HALF / Parktronx
F100-10A RedActive Damping
F101-15A Blue2020-2022: ECCM / SMRT Hl-Beams
2023-2014: In Car Temp Sensor / Humidity Sensor
F102-15A BlueSpare
F103-10A Red2020: Cabin Heater (Diesel Engine Only) / Rear HVAC
2021-2024: PTC / Rear HVAC
F104-20A YellowPower Outlets (Instrument Panel/Center Console/Rear Cargo)