Fiat Doblo (mk1; 2005-2009) fuses

Fuse box diagram (location and assignment of electrical fuses) for Fiat Doblo (mk1; 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).

Fuse box diagram: Fiat Doblo (mk1; 2005-2009)

Fuse box location

The fuses in the Fiat Doblo are grouped in two fuseboxes, one located in the dashboard and the other in the engine compartment.
Engine compartment fuse box

To reach the fuses in the engine compartment fusebox, release the tabs A and remove the cover B

Passenger compartment fuse box

Press in the points to remove the cover and reach the fuses

Fuse box diagram (Engine compartment)

Assignment of the fuses in the Engine compartment
FuseAmpere rating [A]Device protected
F01 - MAXI FUSE70Dashboard control unit power standard functions
F02 - MAXI FUSE40Dashboard control unit power optional functions
F03 - MAXI FUSE20Ignition switch
F04 - MAXI FUSE40ABS power (pump)
F05 - MAXI FUSE30ABS power (valve)
F06 - MAXI FUSE30One-speed radiator fan
F06 - MAXI FUSE30Radiator fan first speed (versions with manual climate control system)
F06 - MAXI FUSE40Radiator fan first speed (1.3 -1.9 Multijet versions)
F07 - MAXI FUSE60Radiator fan second speed (1.4 - 1.6 versions with manual climate control system)
F07 - MAXI FUSE40Radiator fan second speed (1.3 -1.9 Multijet versions)
F0830Passenger compartment fan
F1115Engine control system secondary loads
F1115Glow plug control unit
F1115Petrol fume recirculation solenoid valve
F1115Tachometer generator
F1115Lambda sensors (oxygen sensors)
F1410Right-hand main beam
F1510Left-hand main beam
F167,5Engine control unit (ignition switch powered)
F167,5Engine cooling system relay
F1710Engine control unit (power)
F187,5Engine control unit (+battery)
F187,5Engine cooling system relay
F197,5Manual climate control compressor
F2115Fuel pump
F2220Ignition coils
F2220Fuel pump
F3015Front fog lights
The glow plug fuse (60 A) is built into the pre-cabled section but it is positioned aside the engine compartment fuse box inside the cover shell so it can be friendly reached.

Fuse box diagram (Passenger compartment)

Assignment of the fuses in the Dashboard Fuse box
FuseAmpere rating [A]Device protected
F1210Right-hand dipped beam
F1310Left-hand dipped beam
F1310Headlight beam adjuster
F3015Front fog lights
F317,5Reversing light
F317,5Manual climate control enable control
F317,5Pump system relay
F317,5Fan system relay passenger compartment heater
F3215Light system
F3710Instrument panel and warning lights (ignition switch powered)
F3710Brake lights
F3710Additional brake light (third stop light)
F3820Door locking system
F3910+ 30 services (sound system, cellular telephone, diagnostic socket)
F3915Subwoofer system
F4030Heated rear window
F417,5Heated rearview mirrors
F4210Ceiling light
F427,5ABS control unit (ignition switch powered)
F4330Windscreen-rear window washer pump
F4330Windscreen wiper
F4420Cigar lighter
F4420Supplementary power socket
F4515Heated seats
F4720Left front power window
F4820Right front power window
F497,5+15 services (sound system, cellular telephone, dashboard control lighting, electrical mirrors, trailer, heated seat control lighting)
F497,5Safet belt buzzer muting relay
F507,5Air bag
F517,5Dashboard instrument lights
F517,5Number plate light
F5215Rear window wiper
F5310Hazard lights
F5310Instrument panel and warning lights (battery powered)
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