Ford Maverick (P758; 2022-…) fuses



The compact pickup truck Ford Maverick (P758) is available from 2021 to the present. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Ford Maverick 2021, 2022, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout).

Fuse Layout Ford Maverick 2021-2022…

Ford Maverick (P758) (2021-2022...)

Body Control Module Fuse Box

Fuse Box Location

The location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: Ford Maverick (2021, 2022-...)

Fuse Box Diagram

Interior fuse box diagram: Ford Maverick (2021, 2022-...)


Assignment of the fuses in the Interior Fuse Box (2021-2022)
RatingProtected Component
15 ANot used (spare).
25 ANot used (spare).
310 AAuto-dimming interior mirror.
Image processing module A.
Automatic high beam control.
410 AIgnition switch.
Push button start switch.
Key inhibit solenoid.
520 ALock / Unlock.
610 AMoonroof.
DC inverter.
Driver door switch pack.
Power slide rear window switch.
730 APassenger door module.
85 AParking assist control module.
Trailer brake switch (gas).
95 ANot used.
1010 AExtended power module.
115 ATelematics control unit module.
125 ANot used.
1315 ADriver door lock.
Driver door unlock.
1430 ADriver door module.
1515 AExtended power module.
1615 ANot used (spare).
1715 ASYNC.
Receiver transceiver module.
Integrated control panel.
187.5 AWireless accessory charging module.
197.5 ANot used.
2010 ANot used (spare).
217.5 AClimate control.
E-shifter module.
227.5 AInstrument cluster.
Smart data link connector.
Steering column control module.
2320 AAudio unit.
2420 ANot used (spare).
2530 ALeft-hand front power windows.
Right-hand front power windows.
Left-hand rear power windows.
Right-hand rear power windows.


Engine Compartment Fuse Block

Fuse Box Location

The location of the fuses in the engine compartment: Ford Maverick (2021, 2022-...)


  1. Pull the latch toward you and remove the top cover.
  2. Pull the connector lever upward.
  3. Pull the connector upward to remove it.
  4. Pull both latches toward you and remove the fuse box.
  5. Turn the fuse box over and open the lid.

Fuse Box Diagram

Under-hood fuse box diagram: Ford Maverick (2021, 2022-...)

Assignment of the fuses in the Under Hood Fuse Box (2021-2022)
RatingProtected Component
1Not used.
240 ADriveline control module.
320 AHorn.
440 AAuxiliary heater (hybrid electric vehicle).
5Not used.
6Not used.
760 AAuxiliary heater (hybrid electric vehicle).
8Not used.
940 AAuxiliary heater (hybrid electric vehicle).
1030 AStarter motor.
1115 APowertrain control module.
1215 APowertrain control module.
1315 APowertrain control module.
1415 APowertrain control module.
15Not used.
16Not used.
1710 AAir conditioning compressor.
1810 APowertrain control module.
1910 AAnti-lock brake system module.
2010 APowertrain control module (hybrid electric vehicle).
215 AAdaptive cruise control.
225 ABattery electronic control module (hybrid electric vehicle).
2310 AStoplamp switch.
2420 AAmplifier.
2515 AHeated wiper park.
2610 AHeated windshield camera.
27Not used.
28Not used.
29Not used.
30Not used.
31Not used.
3230 ABody control module.
3315 AHeated steering wheel.
3410 AFront parking aid camera.
Forward looking camera.
Rear view camera.
Blind spot information system.
35Not used.
365 AElectronic power assist steering.
3720 ATrailer tow parking lamps.
3840 ABlower motor.
39Not used.
4030 AAftermarket brake controller.
4120 AAmplifier.
4230 ADriver power seat.
4350 AElectric water pump (hybrid electric vehicle).
4440 ATrailer tow module.
45Not used.
46Not used.
4720 AHeated seats.
4830 ATrailer tow lighting module battery charge.
4960 AAnti-lock brake control pump.
5060 ACooling fan.
5130 AMoonroof.
525 APowertrain control module (hybrid electric vehicle).
53Not used.
54Not used.
55Not used.
565 ADC/DC converter (hybrid electric vehicle).
5710 AData link connector.
5830 AClimate controlled seat module.
5940 ABody control module.
6025 APower sliding rear window.
61Not used.
62Not used.
63Not used.
64Not used.
65Not used.
66Not used.
67Not used.
68Not used.
6910 ATrailer tow backup lamps.
7015 APort fuel injectors.
7120 ARear of console power point.
7220 AMedia bin power point.
735 AUSB charger - floor console - rear.
74Not used.
7530 AWindshield wiper motor.
7610 AHeated exterior mirror.
7740 AAnti-lock brake valves.
78Not used.
7925 ALeft-hand side enhanced exterior lighting module.
8025 ARight-hand side enhanced exterior lighting module.
8120 AFuel pump.
82Not used.
8340 AAuxiliary power distribution box (hybrid electric vehicle).
8420 APick-up box power point.
8560 APower inverter.
86Not used.
87Not used.
88Not used.
89Not used.