Isuzu Trooper (1992-2002) fuses and relays



In this article, we consider the second-generation Isuzu Trooper / Bighorn, produced from 1992 to 2002. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Isuzu Trooper 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

Fuse Box Diagram: Isuzu Trooper (1992-2002)

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Isuzu Trooper is the fuse C12 in the passenger compartment fuse box.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse box is located behind the cover under the driver’s side of the instrument panel.The location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: Isuzu Trooper (1992-2002)

Fuse Box Diagram

Interior fuse box diagram: Isuzu Trooper (1992-2002)


Assignment of fuses in the passenger compartment
Amp RatingNameDescription
C110STARTER RELAYStarter relay, Clutch start SW (M/T), Mode SW (A/T), Anti-theft controller, DERM (SRS)
C215(SEAT HEATER)Seat heater SW (LH & RH), Seat heater (LH & RH)
C310 or 15TURN BACKTransmission control module, Turn signal SW, Front turn signal light, Rear turn signal light, Turn signal indicator light, Flasher unit, Cornering light relay, Backup light, Backup light SW (M/T), Mode SW (A/T), A/T shift indicator control unit, Lighting SW, A/T shift lock control unit, A/T shift indicator, Cruise control unit, Cancel SW
C410ELEC. IGN.Cruise control unit, Rear defogger SW, Rear defogger relay, Rear defogger SW indicator light, Clutch SW (M/T), Transmission SW-1, 2 (M/T), Transmission SW-3, 4 (M/T), Cancel SW (Combination SW), Cruise control main SW, Cruise control main relay, Cruise control indicator light, Cruise control SW, Door mirror, Door mirror defogger SW, A/T shift lock control unit, Power window relay, Electronic brake control module, Transmission control module, G sensor, Upshift-2 relay, Upshift indicator (Meter)
C515FRT WIPER & WASHERWindshield wiper and washer SW, Windshield wiper motor, Windshield washer motor, Windshield wiper intermittent relay
C610RR WIPER & WASHERRear wiper & washer SW, Rear washer motor, Rear wiper motor, Rear wiper intermittent relay
C710(H/LAMP WIPER)Headlight wiper SW, Headlight wiper motor, Headlight washer motor, Headlight wiper timer
C815ENGINEGenerator, ECM main relay, V.S.V; EGR, V.S.V: canister, V.S.V: intake air (DOHC)
C915IGN. COILIgnition control module, Engine control module
C915FUEL CUTFuel Cutout (4JG2)
C1010METER GAUGEVehicle speed sensor, Remind Buzzer, Meter and gauge (Voltmeter, Engine coolant temperature gauge, Tachometer, Speedometer, Oil pressure gauge, Fuel gauge), Indicator and warning light (Anti-lock brake system, Rear wheel anti-lock, Seat belt, check engine, Low fuel, 4WD, Oil pressure, Upshift, Brake system, Charge, A/T oil temp, Cruise control indicator light, Check trans indicator light, Power drive indicator light, Winter drive indicator light), 4WD SW, Parking brake SW, Seat belt SW, Brake differential SW Electronic brake control module, Engine control module, Rear wheel anti-lock brake controller
C1110(AUDIO[ACC]) MIRRORAudio, Door mirror, Door mirror control SW, Door mirror folding SW, Digital clock, Speaker
C1220CIGARETTECigarette lighter
C1310ANTI THEFTAnti-theft controller
C1415STOP A/T CONTStoplight SW (w/o cruise control), Brake SW (w/cruise control), Rear wheel anti-lock brake controller, Stoplight, Transmission control module, Electronic brake control module, Trailer harness connector, Cruise control unit, A/T shift lock control unit, Lockup off relay
C1520AUDIO[BJ]Horn, Horn relay, Horn SW, Hazard warning light SW, Flasher unit, Anti-theft horn, Hazard warning light, Audio
C1610CLOCK[B] ROOMDigital clock, Audio, Dome light, Map light, Luggage room light, Courtesy light, Door SW (Front, rear, tail gate), Antenna, Anti-theft controller, Key remind SW, Seat belt, Key & light remind buzzer
C1725RR DEFOGRear defogger, Rear defogger relay
C1820(DOOR LOCK)Anti-theft indicator light, Front door lock & power window SW, Door lock key SW, Door lock actuator (Front & rear)
C1925BLOWERBlower motor, Blower resistor Fan SW
C2010(AIR CON)Pressure SW, A/C thermostat relay, A/C compressor relay, Magnetic clutch (A/C compressor), A/C SW, Electro thermostat, Fan SW
C2110SRS-1SRS warning light (Meter)
C2310SRS-3Passenger inflator module, DERM
C2410SRS-4Dual pole arming sensor, DERM, SRS coil assembly, Driver inflator module
CB1--Not used
CB230(P/W, P/S, S/R)Power window relay, Power window SW, Power window motor, Sun roof motor, Sun roof control unit, Sun roof SW, Safety stop SW, Limit SW, Power seat switch, Front tilt motor & SW, Rear tilt motor & SW, Slide motor, Recliner motor & SW
3Dome Light Anti-theft
4Anti-theft (DOHC)
5Anti-theft Light Remind
6Mode Switch (DOHC)
7Cruise Control RWAL (Rear Wheel Anti-Lock)
8Not Used
9Electronic Brake Control Module (DOHC)
B36Heater and A/C
B37Power Window
B38Rear Defogger
B39Flasher Unit

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The location of the fuses in the engine compartment: Isuzu Trooper (1992-2002)



Fuse Box Diagram

Under-hood fuse box diagram: Isuzu Trooper (1992-2002)

Assignment of fuses and relay in the engine compartment
Amp RatingNameDescription
F1--Not Used
F210O2 SENSOR HEATEROxygen sensor
F315HORN HAZARDHorn, Horn relay, Horn SW, Hazard warning SW, Flasher unit, Anti-theft horn, Anti-theft controller
F415H/LAMP-LHHeadlight (LH), High beam indicator light, Dimmer-passing SW, Cornering light SW, Fog light SW, Fog light relay, Cornering light, Cornering light relay
F410H/LAMP-LH (HI)Left-hand headlight (high beam)
F515H/LAMP-RHHeadlight (RH), Dimmer-passing SW
F510H/LAMP-RH (HI)Right-hand headlight (high beam)
F610H/LAMP-LH (LOW)Left-hand headlight (low beam)
F710H/LAMP-RH (LOW)Right-hand headlight (low beam)
F715ANTI-THEFTAnti-theft alarm system
F815 or 20FRTFOG / FOGFog light, Fog light relay
F920ABSHydraulic unit, Rear wheel anti-lock brake controller, Electronic brake control module
F1015FUEL PUMPFuel pump
F1110TAIL-LHTail light left-hand side
F1215TAILTail relay, Lighting SW, FRT side maker light, Parking light, Taillight, Trailer harness connector, Illumination controller, Illumination light, Glove box SW, License plate light, A/T shift indicator control unit
F1210TAIL-RHTail light right-hand side
Fusible Link
FL250KEY SWIgnition switch, starter
FL330ECMEngine Control Module Main Relay
FL550GLOW4JG2:  Glow
FL640(ABS 4-WHEEL ONLY)ABS Hydraulic Unit, F9 Fuse (ABS)
1Engine Control Module
2Cornering light
X2Not Used
X4Not Used
X5A/C Thermostat
X6Not Used
X7A/C Compressor
X9Horn or Tail light
X10Not Used
X11Fuel Pump
X12ECM Main
X13Windshield wiper int.
X14Not Used
X15Not Used
X16Upshift-1 (M/T) or Anti-theft Alarm System
X17Starter (Gasoline);
Charge (Diesel)
X18Shift on the Fly
X19Condenser Fan
X20Cruise Control Main
X21Upshift-2 (M/T; with ABS)
X22Cornering Light or Rear Fog Light
X23Fog Light