KIA Spectra (2005-2009) fuses and relays

Fuse box diagram (location and assignment of electrical fuses and relays) for KIA Spectra (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).

Fuse box diagram: KIA Spectra (2005-2009)

Cigar lighter / power outlet fuses in the KIA Spectra are located in the Instrument panel fuse box (see fuses “C/LIGHTER” (Cigar lighter) and “ACC/PWR” (Accessory / Power socket)).

Fuse box location

Instrument panel fuse box

KIA Spectra (2005-2009)

Engine compartment main fuse box

KIA Spectra (2005-2009)

Inside the fuse/relay panel covers, you can find the fuse/relay label describing fuse/relay name and capacity. Not all fuse panel descriptions in this manual may be applicable to your vehicle.

Fuse box diagram (Instrument panel)

Instrument panel fuse box diagram: KIA Spectra (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)

Assignment of the fuses in the Instrument panel
DescriptionFuse ratingProtected component
START10AStart motor
SRF/D_LOCK20ASunroof, Door lock
RR FOG10ARear fog light
HAZARD10AHazard warning flasher
A/CON10AAir conditioner
RKE10ARemote keyless entry
S/HTR20ASeat warmer
C/LIGHTER15ACigar lighter
R/WIPER15ARear wiper
ABS10AAnti-lock brake system
ACC/PWR15AAccessory / Power socket
ROOM15ARoom lamp
ECU10AEngine control unit
TAIL RH10ATail light (right)
T/SIG10ATurn signal light
RR/HTR30ARear window defroster
P/WDW LH25APower window (left)
HTD/MIRR10AOutside rearview mirror heater
P/WDW RH25APower window (right)
TAIL LH10ATail light (left)
RR/HTRRear window defroster relay
P/WDWPower window relay
ACC/PWRAccessory / Power socket relay
TAILTail light relay

Fuse box diagram (Engine compartment)

Under-hood fuse box diagram: KIA Spectra (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)


Assignment of the fuses in the Engine compartment
DescriptionFuse ratingProtected component
ATM20AAutomatic transaxle control
ECU110AEngine control unit
STOP15AStop light
F/WIPER20AFront wiper
R/FOG10ARear fog light
F/FOG15AFront fog light
LO HDLP15AHeadlight (low)
HI HDLP15AHeadlight (high)
A/CON10AAir conditioner
F/PUMP15AFuel pump
T/OPEN10ATrunk lid opener
FOLD10AOutside rearview mirror folding
SNSR10AO2 sensor
ECU230AEngine control unit
SPARE10Aspare fuse
SPARE15Aspare fuse
SPARE20Aspare fuse
SPARE30Aspare fuse
ABS230AAnti-lock brake system
ABS130AAnti-lock brake system
IP B+50AIn panel B+
RAD30ARadiator fan
COND20ACondenser fan
ATMAutomatic transaxle control relay
WIPERWiper relay
F/FOGFront fog light relay
LO HDLPHeadlight relay (low)
HI HDLPHeadlight relay (high)
A/CONAir conditioner relay
F/PUMPFuel pump
DRLDaytime running light relay
COND2Condenser fan relay
HORNHorn relay
MAINMain relay
STARTStart motor relay
RADRadiator fan relay
CONDCondenser fan relay
What a blown fuse looks like?

If the wire is broken, the fuse is blown (but sometimes a fuse can look completely normal and still be blown and in need of replacement).
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